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Full Membership to the Gay Gordons Manchester is £10 per annum and runs from September each year or you can apply for an Associate Membership for £5 per annum. Please read below with reference to the latter.

This entitles full members to discounts for the classes and other events throughout the year and associated members to discounts for dances and events.

Membership is not compulsory and anyone who wishes to attend a dance class or Ceilidh are most welcome.

Further information on memberships can be obtained by contacting the Gay Gordons either through messaging us, phone or at a class.

Associate Membership was created to allow anyone who follow the Gay Gordons Manchester to become members of the group and show their support. It is open to all who feel that dancing  is not for them but would like to be kept informed at what the Gay Gordons Manchester is doing throughout the year.

Membership would also allow you to receive members discounts to all dances and events. However, this membership would not give discounts to any dance class fees or have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.

Full Membership can also be obtained at only £10 per annum which would allow  discounts at classes etc. Membership runs from September to August each year. Interested? contact a Committee Member at a class/event or fill in the form to the right of this page.


£10.00 PER ANNUM


Please check just one of the boxes prior to pressing on the submit button. No payment will be requested from you at this stage.

You can apply for either a Full or an Associated Membership by filling out the quick application form below. Members do benefit from discounts.