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The Weather Conditions :

Gay Gordons Manchester may at times have to cancel a Display Dance without prior notice. It can become a health and safety issue for the dancers and public alike if the ground is too wet to dance on.

Have you thought about becoming a Full Member of the Gay Gordons Manchester then please checkout the Information page, just one easy form to fill in. Enjoy the benefits that comes with it as this includes discounts to Dances / Events and even Dance Classes as well as a discount to the Christmas Dinner.




Bar Pop (Burns Night)

28 Jan

5.00pm - 7.00pm

Bar Pop

26 May

3.00pm to 5pm

Stockport Pride

2 June



14 July


Manchester Pride

The  Display  season runs during the summer of 2024 - dates as at 1st January 2024

Scottish Country and Ceilidh dances are held throughout the year and more information can be had from within the Dances Page.

The Displays take place predominately on Canal Street during Spring and Summer and there is always an audience participation section too.

Our large events are advertised early to give people time to reserve or book a ticket. These dances are very popular with both members and guests from around the country.

We may be available for other events such as carnivals. Please enquire through our contacts page.

The above dates are subject to change and will be added to as the year progresses

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Further dates to be added